Cloud Solutions & on-premise for Aerospace and Defense Industry

Through our Cloud & On Premise Software Solutions, aerospace industry players such as commercial aviation, defense integrators and A&D manufacturers benefit from continuous availability of critical resources. 

IFS Cloud is recognized as a leading provider of Enterprise Integrated Cloud Software, with extensive knowledge of the aerospace and defense industry. 

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers  

Our Cloud Software for the Aerospace Industry is an innovative ERP solution specifically designed to optimise production in the aerospace and defence industry.  

This tool not only helps control costs effectively, but is also crucial for improving supply chain efficiency. It also ensures project compliance at all stages, from design to life cycle support and through to product retirement.  

Thanks to the solutions proposed by IFS an FI Solutions, aerospace companies can manage their projects with greater precision and efficiency, guaranteeing high-quality results and consolidating their position in the competitive market. 

Soluzioni Cloud in ambito Aerospaziale

Airlines and aircraft operators

Our Cloud Solutions for the Aerospace Industry are designed to improve the availability of aviation assets throughout their entire lifecycle.  

The software platform is ideal for commercial airlines, air fleet operators, and airports, as well as companies offering logistics, maintenance, repair, overhaul and equipment support services for air operations.  

With its end-to-end capabilities, the software ensures that all these entities can benefit from efficient and optimized management, significantly improving aviation operations and maintenance. 

Compagnie Aeree e Operatori Aerei

Defense contractors 

To achieve readiness, maximum performance and agility in the aviation industry, Cloud Software for Aerospace is the ideal solution.  

Our Cloud & On Premise Solution allows you to increase operational efficiency by providing a 360-degree picture at the command level. With it, you can have a complete view of mission support procedures, performance and value chains, thereby optimizing every aspect of aviation operations. 

Appaltatori della Difesa

Armed Forces

IFS solutions, a leader in Cloud Software for the Aerospace Industry, are designed to ensure Complete Asset Readiness 

Specializing in Enterprise Asset Management, these solutions offer an integrated and strategic approach to support planning, military logistics operations, and effective asset maintenance.  

With IFS, aerospace and defense organizations can optimize the management and maintenance of their assets, ensuring high performance and unprecedented operational efficiency. 

Forza Armate

MRO aerospace and defence service providers

By relying on a single technology partner specialising in Aerospace and Defence, you can greatly simplify your operations and maximise productivity. Our MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) software for aviation, based on industry standards, frees you from the constraints of proprietary technologies.   

Moreover, thanks to our modular and adaptable architecture, you can easily adapt and evolve, regardless of your location, ensuring optimal operational efficiency in any scenario. 


Fornitori di servizi MRO

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