Cloud Solutions in Construction, Engineering and Maritime

IFS’s Construction, Engineering and Maritime Software Solutions allow you to design, build and maintain assets on a single, integrated cloud platform 

Our advanced solutions are ideal for a variety of industry professionals, including general and specialty contractors, offsite and modular manufacturers, asset and facility managers, both real estate and residential, as well as engineering contractors, consultants, EPCs and shipbuilders. 

Cloud & On-Premise Solutions for Every Industry


IFS Cloud Software Solutions for the construction industry offer complete control for your project management. Building an asset can be complex, but your enterprise system does not have to be.  

Specializing in Enterprise Asset Management, these solutions facilitate the development and maintenance of a wide range of assets, including buildings, structures, infrastructure, mining sites, residential facilities and utilities, making the process smoother and more manageable. 

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Optimizing engineering excellence is possible with FI SolutionsCloud & On Premise Software Solutions.  

For business success, it is crucial to have an efficient engineering process. IFS, with its system integrating ERP best practices, supports engineering contractors, consultants and EPCs at all stages: from design to planning, procurement to construction and plant maintenance. This integrated approach ensures that every project is managed with maximum efficiency and accuracy. 

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Maritime sector and shipbuilding

With IFS’s Maritime Cloud Software Solutions, success in shipbuilding is within reach.  

Our software is essential for the effective management of all types of ships, whether military, cargo or cruise ships. IFS seamlessly integrates project management, asset management and ship maintenance into one unified platform, ensuring an efficient and coordinated approach to shipbuilding and ship maintenance. 

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Value to construction and civil engineering companies

See how IFS can help construction and engineering businesses enhance productivity by 18% by allowing them to operate faster and more efficiently, resulting in real-time business benefit in this impartial report from IDC. 

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