Revolutionize your business with our advanced Cloud Solutions for Manufacturing Companies.

Our integrated approach covers every aspect of the manufacturing process: from product design to planning, from actual production to final delivery. We provide dedicated tools to improve interaction with your customers and adopt advanced servitization strategies.

Whether your company operates with Engineer-To-Order (ETO), Configure-To-Order (CTO), Make-To-Order (MTO), Make-To-Stock (MTS), Make-To-Forecast (MTF), in Mixed Mode, requires Cycle Short, or a Customized Product Life approach, our Cloud Solution fits perfectly, ensuring efficiency, flexibility and scalability.


Revolutionize your production approach with our Cloud Solutions in the Automotive Industry, offering complete end-to-end support that encompasses every phase of the product lifecycle.

Through an Advaced ERP System, IFS Cloud is committed to providing assistance at every stage, from integrated design to effective demand management, optimizing the supply chain, including packaging, through to mass production.

With a focus on facilitating sales and unparalleled post-sales support, our Cloud Solutions result in an average productivity increase of 17% for the supply chain and production.

Soluzioni Cloud in ambito Automotive

Chemical Products

In the chemical industry, our Cloud Solutions offer a proactive response to customer demands in a regulated and competitive environment.

Our integrated support in demand planning and mixed-mode production, enriched with advanced features, allows you to refine planning and production processes.

This translates into more effective management of compliance challenges, including REACH standards and the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). With our solutions, there is an average productivity increase of 17%, a 14% reduction in product delivery times, and a 10% improvement in delivery punctuality

Soluzioni Cloud settore Chimico

Food and Beverages

With our Cloud Solutions for the Food Industry, you will have a complete and detailed view of your production process, essential for quickly reacting to market changes. FI Solutions offers a 360-degree overview covering the entire supply chain and production activities, ensuring end-to-end traceability and specific functionalities for the current needs of the food and beverage industry. This includes compliance with various regulations such as the FDA, BRC, or EFSA, for both retailers and manufacturers.

By using the IFS production software specific to the Food & Beverage industry, companies have reported significant improvements in their operations: a 14% reduction in product delivery times and a 10% increase in orders delivered on time.

Soluzioni Cloud settore Alimentare

High Tech Production

Our Cloud Solutions in the technology Industry are designed to provide customization, digitalization, and servitization services, enhancing the entire lifecycle of your products. These solutions effectively respond to the growing demands of customers and the pressures on the supply chain. Thanks to our deep experience in the industry and specific functionalities, IFS is the ideal partner for high-tech production organizations aiming to prepare for the future.

Integrating Service Management practices, our IFS product for high-tech production not only speeds up processes, with a 14% reduction in product delivery times, but also enhances overall efficiency: we have recorded a 10% increase in orders delivered on time and an additional 10% improvement in material management.

Soluzioni IFS in ambito Tecnologia

Industrial Production

In the context of diversified energy generation and evolving technology, our Cloud Solutions for Manufacturing Companies offer optimal management of the product lifecycle. IFS is your ideal partner, with extensive industry knowledge and specific capabilities for industrial production, helping you meet the growing expectations of customers.

By also integrating FSM strategies, IFS’s industrial production software not only improves productivity, with an average increase of 17%, but also optimizes material management, achieving a 10% improvement.

Soluzioni Cloud per aziende manifatturiere

Life Science

Innovating with the emergence of new techniques and discoveries – adapting and responding quickly to regulatory challenges.

Life Science companies are among the most regulated of all businesses, making innovation challenging. IFS can provide assistance for regulatory compliance, management, and control of customer demand, and product innovation.
Through our Cloud solutions in the Life Science Industry, there is a 14% faster product delivery time and a 10% increase in the number of orders delivered on time.

Soluzioni Cloud Life Science

MarketScape IFS as a leader for Worldwide Saas CLOUD- Enabled Manufacturing EAM Application, noting IFS was a flexible, integrated EAM application, capable of tracking supplies & ensuring costs are posted back to work orders.

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