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Perfect EAM Systems to Maximize Asset Value

With an EAM Software, you can track asset-related data, including maintenance and compliance. An EAM System can be integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to adopt a strategic approach to asset management.

An EAM Solution enables you to manage the maintenance of business assets and optimize their performance from the beginning to the end of their lifecycle.

With Enterprise Asset Management, you get a complete view of your assets to improve their availability and reliability, and to enhance the services offered. Monitor the health status of assets, drive predictive maintenance, and swiftly repair faults without impacting productivity.

Why Choose IFS EAM Software

IFS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a cloud-native, adaptable solution developed to meet the complex asset needs of the energy and utilities, construction-engineering, manufacturing, services, aerospace and defense sectors. Our EAM solution, boasting over 40 years of experience, is capable of automating the management of all your assets to regulate maintenance and maximize asset performance from a single solution.

IFS EAM Solution: The Benefits

Improve Productivity 

Increase Operational Efficiency

Enhancing Visibility and Management Control

Increase Profitability

Benefits From IFS EAM

Improve Productivity

With structured resource planning, maintenance, and scheduling. Reduce the number of systems used to track and manage assets and use the best interface for the environment in which you work.  

Increase Operational Efficiency

Balance operational requirements with maintenance needs. Execute standardized processes to efficiently plan, schedule, and execute maintenance activities. Keep resources available and running at peak performance.  

Increase Visibility and Strengthen Control

Increase the value of your assets or revenue opportunities with a single source of truth for asset data, contracts, costs, and best practice information. Real-time, data-powered decision making allows you to react faster to stay in control  

Improve Profitability

EAM software can help a plant or facilities management team manage important key performance indicators, for instance by keeping the preventive-to-corrective maintenance ratio above 75 percent. 

In practice, this means that for every three preventive maintenance tasks a maintenance team performs, they are only doing one corrective task. This ratio indicates a proactive asset management program, better efficiency, and a better chance of achieving profitability. 

Increase Productivity with IFS EAM

By providing visibility into assets and equipment, the EAM software offered by FI Solutions enhances the use of asset investments through more effective maintenance, increased efficiency, and compliance with regulations. In the long term, it can foster a strategic view of business activities, often in synergy with an ERP system.

IFS Enterprise Asset Management offers complete visibility into the data necessary for asset management and maintenance: from the costs of materials and maintenance for each asset to crucial information such as the type of equipment, its location, production line, product group, and age. With this data at your disposal, you can make more informed and strategic decisions.

An EAM System Supports Your Business

Keep Assets Active and Operational

Improve Health, Safety, and Organizational Compliance

Optimize Decision-Making Process

EAM Assists Your Business

Keep Assets Up and Running

By helping you manage the details of maintenance, EAM could help you reduce «turn time» for shutdowns or minimize stoppages due to part stockouts or labor shortages. 

Improve Health, Safety, and Compliance

Health, safety, and environmental concerns are critical for every organization. Equipment failure could result in costly or even catastrophic damage to the equipment – which could involve risk of injury or death or release harmful materials into the environment. 

Your EAM tracks the maintenance actions you have taken, including how your maintenance technicians are certified. 

Make Everyday Decisions

To help keep assets up and running, EAM helps you to support decision-making in a range of day-to-day scenarios, such as repair/replacement or asset prioritization.  

EAM System: Features and Characteristics


Asset Lifecycle Management

Optimize operations, maintenance and asset performance to reduce costs and realize operational efficiency

Aviation Maintenance

IFS Maintenix and IFS Cloud offer aviation maintenance management to ensure asset availability and ongoing quality, and to provide the tools needed to achieve long-term performance goals. 

Asset and Fleet Management

Maximize life and asset utilization with the capabilities of our fleet management software 

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

Reduce overall Turnaround Time (TAT)  without sacrificing compliance, regulatory requirements or safety standards with MRO software

Maintenance and HSE (Health, Safety & Environment)

Improve maintenance, security, and team collaboration with unprecedented time to value. More than 2,000 customers in the manufacturing, logistics and healthcare sectors have already experienced the benefits for maintenance and HSE.

Medical Technology Maintenance

Manage risk & maintenance classifications and execute the maintenance of your medical devices effectively.  

How EAM Supports Your Strategy

Transition from Reactive to Proactive Maintenance

Towards Condition-Based Maintenance

Support Asset Lifecycle Management

Improve the Effectiveness of Operational Equipment

How EAM Supports Your Strategy

Move From Reactive to Proactive Maintenance

This could help you to keep the preventive-to-corrective maintenance ratio – an important KPI – above 75%. This would mean that for every three preventive maintenance tasks a maintenance team performs, it is only doing one corrective task. 

Towards Condition-Based Maintenance

As a starting point, you might be using calendar-based maintenance – performing maintenance at given intervals. If you have access to diagnostic data, you can progress to condition-based maintenance – using values like temperature, vibration, pressure to trigger maintenance at certain thresholds. Ultimately, a sound approach to predictive maintenance combines condition-based maintenance with, for example, duty cycle and load factors. The goal is to eliminate unnecessary maintenance – not only to reduce cost but because many maintenance activities bring some risk of damaging the machine, which influences uptime. 

Support Asset Lifecycle Management

As changes are made to the asset over time, these can be included in an «as-maintained» record. Of course, at some point, despite optimal maintenance, the asset will degrade, and the cycle will begin anew. But thanks to EAM, the planning and engineering team can begin their work with full visibility into maintenance and usage data from the previous asset – allowing them to learn from the experience of operating that asset, to improve the running of the new one. 

Improve Operational Equipment Effectiveness

The idea is to combine EAM data and ERP data with equipment performance data, collected either from individual machines or a supervisory control and data acquisition system – to determine how to maximize the output of a machine. As part of this effort, EAM data can also be used to track and record stoppages – which can be achieved manually or through automated data capture through the internet of things. In some cases, operational factors in ERP play a role too, including data about available inventory or raw materials. 

EAM Solutions for your Industry

Energy, Utilities and Resources

IFS Cloud addresses the unique and complex needs of energy and utilities companies

Construction and Engineering

IFS Cloud was designed to support the entire project and asset lifecycle for engineering construction and infrastructure


IFS Cloud is designed to meet the needs of all types of manufacturing companies.

We support Italian companies in their transition to digital through the integration of
IFS Cloud.

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