Through our ERP Solutions, you can manage and consolidate all business operations, support growth, and efficiently serve your customers. All this on a single, centralized platform to capitalize on ever-evolving markets, promoting business efficiency, cost reduction, and information availability.

Next-Generation ERP System

An ERP solution integrates many functions into a single central software, ensuring that the company operates as efficiently as possible and providing the organization with a single source of truth for better decision-making. It helps manage aspects such as accounting, human resources (HR), procurement, customer relations (CRM), supply chain, production, engineering, maintenance, projects, support, and more. IFS ERP is a different kind of enterprise asset management software. Our ERP System is designed to help you quickly leverage emerging technology and the changing market landscape, maximizing your business agility.

ERP Software within IFS Cloud

The ERP is part of a complete and unified solution, offering the broadest functionality and flexibility to help your business grow. With the aid of the cloud, it’s also possible to enhance business efficiency and maximize profitable revenue streams within a single platform.

Enterprise Resource Planning: Benefits for Business

Soluzioni ERP e Servizio Clienti

Innovation in Customer Service Level

Through cutting-edge ERP solutions, it is possible to best meet consumer needs. Customers often require a clear understanding of the processes related to their projects, or, following the purchase of a product, desire detailed information about its origin – such as its sources, who handled it, and production details – or for commercial reasons, like deadlines, country of origin, or to satisfy specific purchasing preferences.

Sistema ERP ed Efficienza Aziendale

Maximizing Efficiency: More Results with Fewer Resources

According to IDC, streamlining business processes, optimizing the service lifecycle, reducing administrative work, eliminating duplications, and increasingly, automation can enable companies to use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to increase productivity by up to 18%.

Software ERP ed Ottimizzazione Costi

Reduction of Actual Costs and Expenses

With an ERP management software, you can reduce the complexity of having multiple systems, each with its own pricing scheme and potential integration issues. Accelerate digital transformation with a single platform that offers functionalities specific to your industry and allows you to reduce actual costs.

Enterprise Resource Planning e Profitto

Profiting from Changes: Strategies and Approaches

By using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, you will be able to choose from various automation approaches, including: IoT-connected devices, built-in artificial intelligence functions or algorithms, or event triggers that cause one type of transaction to initiate another.

The Features of Our ERP Systems


Gain complete control and detailed financial visibility to enhance efficiency and increase business revenues.

Human Capital Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your employees, from hire to retirement 


Leverage a modern and intuitive user experience to maximize your B2B Sales 

Customer Relationship Management

Drive customer and prospect engagement across the entire relationship lifecycle 



Gain deeper control of the entire manufacturing process across different manufacturing modes

Supply Chain Management

Manage your supply chain smoothly, efficiently and with complete visibility, whether your business operates locally or globally



Build deeper and more profitable relationships with key partners


Deliver complex business projects confidently, on time and within budget

ERP Solutions for your Industry

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