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IFS Cloud provides complete lifecycle management of services and resources on a scalable platform. 

In an era where customer service is increasingly becoming a crucial element and differentiator for future success and growth, rising customer expectations, changes in business models and disruptive competition are shaping the industry.  

Cloud & On Premise Solutions for the telecommunications industry emerge as vital tools to address these challenges. Many telecommunications companies, however, struggle to achieve SLAs (Service Level Agreements), meet consumer demand and maintain operational efficiency.  

This is often due to a lack of visibility between organizational platforms and system obsolescence. The adoption of modern cloud software solutions can overcome these obstacles, improving visibility and efficiency, and driving innovation in the industry. 

IFS Cloud: Benefits for Telco Companies

Meeting the needs of the market

IFS offers an agile and flexible platform that can adapt to the complex and changing needs of an organization, addressing the entire lifecycle of services, projects and assets 

With EAM solutions, unlike other vendors, IFS is able to solve the complex needs of companies whose businesses are focused on any combination of services, assets and projects, thanks to a single platform that addresses the entire service lifecycle. The company also offers industry-leading field service management capabilities.  

Vantaggi di IFS per società di Telecomunicazioni

Single and Integrated Platform

IFS is designed to meet the needs of today’s asset-intensive organizations. Our system manages the entire lifecycle of assets, from commissioning to decommissioning, using state-of-the-art machine learning, augmented reality and digital twin technologies.  

In terms of revenue, IFS is ranked number one in the Gartner® Global EAM Market Share 2021. 

Software Cloud in ambito Trasmissione e Distribuzione

Empowering connectivity: Advanced telecommunications solutions and features


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FSM for Telco

IFS Field Service Management (FSM) is a system that helps communication service providers (CSPs) deliver effective field service by tracking requests, managing staff, and maintaining visibility of operations. By breaking down silos, automating workflows, and streamlining processes, the IFS FSM solution helps CSPs deliver a frictionless field service experience to customers and employees with a single integrated system.

From a customer satisfaction standpoint, the obvious benefits are improved service delivery, faster response times and greater transparency. For CSPs, IFS FSM reduces costs, increases revenues and improves customer retention.

In summary, IFS Field Service Management offers benefits to both customers and CSPs. It is a win-win situation for all involved.


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Software Enterprise for Telco

Telecom companies often manage numerous complex processes that must be effectively managed and implemented. IFS Telecom enterprise software can be used to organize and manage these processes and ensure the success of any organization.

The telecommunications industry is constantly evolving technologically. To manage this constant change and at the same time advance service innovation, CSPs need their internal enterprise software systems to be stable and reliable.

Good telecommunications enterprise software is especially important today because it enables companies to support all aspects of their business, including operations, business development, and customer-facing activities. When everything around you is evolving, it can be difficult to maintain efficiency and find viable savings. IFS enterprise software for telecommunications helps streamline all business processes so CSPs can always find savings, identify efficiency roadblocks and reduce waste.

IFS provides telecommunications business software that can do all the heavy lifting, leaving you to focus on effectively managing the business for success.


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EAM for Telco

IFS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for telecommunications is a combination of software, systems and services used to maintain and control telecommunications assets and equipment. For CSPs and telecom infrastructure companies, the benefits of IFS EAM include the ability to optimize the quality and utilization of assets throughout their lifecycle, increase productive uptime, and reduce operating costs.

IFS EAM software is the only EAM software suite that supports a CSP not only after assets go into production, but also during a network rollout project, from design to demand planning and construction of telecom sites or fiber installations.

IFS EAM is the only EAM software that supports the entire asset lifecycle, from design to decommissioning.


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Site Management Software

Telecommunications site management software facilitates immediate monitoring of projects and assets for telecommunications organizations. It serves as a comprehensive tool for overseeing all aspects of the business, contributing to the effective and efficient operation of the company.

High-quality software plays a crucial role in several areas, including telecom tower deployment, fiber installation, and telecom contractor management. The software optimizes the allocation of resources to tasks, manages large-scale installations, and responds to maintenance requests seamlessly through a real-time automated platform.

Recognizing its importance, IFS provides a high-level end-to-end service management platform. Our solution is designed to improve productivity and revolutionize business operations, ensuring optimal performance for your telecommunications operations.

Enterprise Resource Planning for Telecommunications

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Enterprise Resource Planning

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system tailored for telecommunications companies offers valuable benefits through access to real-time data, providing better business insight and the ability to minimize errors. This system is critical for managing various business activities, such as employee management, customer relationship management (CRM), resource management, accounting, and financial management.

The IFS ERP software functions as a set of customizable modules, similar to an a la carte menu, allowing communication service providers (CSPs) to select and implement the modules best suited to their business needs. For example, human resource modules complement Field Service Management (FSM) solutions by simplifying the management of field worker skills. Supply chain modules help increase first-time repair rates by ensuring timely delivery of the right parts to field operators. In addition, accounting and customer modules can be used effectively for subcontractor management.

IFS presents a comprehensive and easy-to-use modular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that enables telecommunications companies and organizations to integrate and optimize critical business processes, thereby improving overall efficiency.

Maximzing Productivity

IFS, through Enterprise Resource Planning logic, helps you use intelligent scheduling to increase productivity and work efficiency. 

In today’s on-demand economy, it is increasingly difficult to maximize the productivity of field staff while providing exceptional customer service. IFS’s real-time scheduling and optimization tool transforms the effectiveness of your staff by using artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art algorithms, leading to a 28% increase in service jobs performed per day. 

Massimizzare la produttività con IFS Cloud

Enhancing the Customer Experience

With IFS Cloud you utilise a single end-to-end service management platform to enhance the customer experience. 

 The end-to-end service capabilities of IFS eliminate delayed response times and poor service as a single system manages the entire end-to-end service request, from the contract centre to mobile technologies. IFS has helped customers reduce the average request handling time by 50 per cent and increase the operational performance of service agents by 20 per cent. 

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