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Thanks to IFS’s Cloud Software Solutions, companies are at the forefront of the transformation of the Energy & Utilities sector, leveraging integrated resources, innovative designs and related services to drive change. Cloud Software Solutions for the Energy & Utilities sector are becoming increasingly crucial in an era where sustainability and diversification are at the centre of attention due to evolving consumer needs. Companies are revolutionising their approach to business in order to offer a high level of customer service, ensure intelligent resource management and promote continuous improvement in the productivity of their connected workforce.

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Mines and Steel 

The mining and steel industry is going through a real digital revolution, driven by Cloud Solutions in Energy.

For such industries, it is crucial not only to improve performance but also to ensure asset reliability.

This requires a holistic approach, provided by modular and integrated cloud solutions that comprehensively support the production, construction, operation and maintenance phases of an asset’s lifecycle.


Software Cloud in ambito Energia e Pubblica Utilità

Oil and Gas 

In the oil and gas industry, digital resilience has become a key factor, through the use of Cloud Software Solutions.

These technologies are enabling companies to explore new paths and diversify, making technology a crucial element in driving change. The aim is to significantly increase overall project control and resource efficiency (through Enterprise Asset Management strategies).

Software Cloud in ambito Petrolio e Gas

Energy generation

In power generation, the adoption of Cloud & On Premise Software Solutions is playing a crucial role in diversification and investment in renewable energy. This change is in line with sustainability criteria, pushing the energy sector towards greater decentralization, highlighted by the emergence of distributed energy resources (DER).

In the face of this evolution, companies are called upon to adopt new business strategies and overcome unprecedented challenges. Success in these diversification techniques is closely linked to the implementation of appropriate ERP solutions, which allow efficient management and agile adaptation to the new dynamics of the energy market.


Software Cloud in ambito generazione energia

Transmission and Distribution 

To meet the needs of modern customers, who demand excellent, affordable and reliable service, the use of Advanced Cloud & On Premise Solutions is crucial.

Such solutions enable companies to optimize the allocation of resources, thus ensuring optimal uptime, connected assets and the realization of well-planned projects.

Service efficiency and reliability are directly linked to strategic resource management, which is possible through the adoption of advanced technologies.


Software Cloud in ambito Trasmissione e Distribuzione

Water and Waste

To revolutionize the water and wastewater sector, the adoption of Cloud & On Premise Solutions is essential.

These enable organizations to effectively plan new investments in networks and infrastructure, ensuring supply resilience through optimal asset performance, both above and below ground.

In addition, such systems facilitate workforce management, a crucial aspect of delivering exceptional customer service and increasing operational efficiency. This digital ecosystem is the key to more efficient service and optimized management in the wastewater sector.


Software Cloud in ambito Acqua e Rifiuti

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IFS recognized in the Gartner® Market Guide for MWM Software for Utilities.

IFS has received recognition in the Gartner® Market Guide for Mobile Workforce Management Software for Utilities for the ninth year running. IFS, a well-established MWM provider, caters to the requirements of numerous utility use cases.

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