Updating outdated systems, improving customer experience, and attracting talented workers

It looks like a lot of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are having trouble with their internal systems – almost half of them (42%) are struggling with outdated systems. On the other hand, 67% of them are looking to improve their customer experience and 47% are looking to attract new skilled workers by using new field service management technology. Plus, Workforce Planning and Scheduling Optimization seems to be the most popular FSM solution CSPs are planning to use this year.

IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company and for whom we are also Strategic Exclusive Distributor, has released the results of its globale State of Service Research Study of Communication Service Providers (CSPs). The report looks at the biggest challenges CSPs have in the field, how they’re adapting to the new market entrants and what they’re doing to stay ahead of the curve. It’s clear that CSPs need to work together more to reduce costs and bring 5G to more people around the world.

The shift in industry regulations has been identified as the primary challenge for CSPs, with 49% citing it as the most pressing issue. This is further reinforced by the recent shift towards open RAN, which has increased the pressure on CSPs to collaborate more in order to reduce operational costs and provide 5G services to a wider range of users. In addition, 42% of respondents cited the need to update outdated or inadequate legacy FSM systems due to the transition to 5G networks, as well as their inability to meet customer service obligations. The shortage of skilled workers, which has been exacerbated by the aging of the workforce, a highly competitive labor market, and the rapid development of technology, particularly 5G, has further added to the pressure CSPs are facing.

The report highlights the potential for service management solutions to generate revenue growth and improve employee experience. It states that CSPs are increasingly embracing advanced FSM technologies, with 67% citing customer experience, 64% citing revenue growth, and 49% citing increased ability to attract skilled workers. Additionally, 45% reported improved workforce planning, forecasting and optimization, and 42% reported improved ability to develop new service offerings.

In the current climate of increased competition and a shortage of skilled workers, CSPs are in a critical position to implement emerging technological solutions, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, which can optimize people, parts, and service fleets in a seamless manner. The research indicates that technology firms are cognizant of this, with 53% planning to incorporate scheduling optimization and automation in the near future, and 49% expecting AI and machine learning to be adopted in 2023. Furthermore, emerging technology priorities, such as simulations, Wearables, and Parts management, are included on CSPs’ innovation roadmaps for this fiscal year.

There are common threads amongst these solutions that are echoed in the top-ranked benefits that CSPs derive from the adoption of new FSM solutions: the need to revolutionize the employee and customer experience and to develop new digital offerings to drive revenue growth.

Markus Persson, Global Industry Director of IFS commented, “We are seeing more and more CSP brands recognizing the need to embrace optimization and automation technologies in order to work smarter and increase agility. Leading telco organizations from around the globe are partnering with IFS to adopt our industry-leading field service management and AI-powered scheduling optimization solutions because they enable them to deliver on their customer promises and grow profitable revenue.”

In addition to the research findings, the State of Service in Telecommunications 2023 Report also delivers insights and first-hand advice from some of the world’s most innovative technology brands, including IFS customers Saudi Telecom Company, Orange, Konica Minolta and more. 

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