State of Service in Mobile, Media and Telecommunications

Top Trends and Hottest Tech for 2023

The emergence of new technologies such as the “metaverse”, “5G” and “6G,” “fiber optic,” “AI” and “others” will enable communication service providers, media companies and mobile entertainment businesses to gain a competitive edge in a saturated market and generate new sources of revenue. However, this can only be achieved by modernizing legacy systems to enhance both user experience and customer experience.

Explore how Communication Service Providers (CSPs) will enhance customer experience (CX), create new digital services for business-to-business (B2B) customers, meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives and increase market share—while managing various projects such as 5G network deployment and ongoing service and asset management.

Read the State of Service in Telecommunications 2023 report to learn:

  • Top 9 Challenges for Mobile, Media and Technology Providers.
  • Top 10 Trends Today OpenRAN, AI and machine learning
  • Top 10 Service Management Solutions CSPs Plan to Implement This Year Schedule Optimization Wearables Chatbots

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