Enter the world of Full Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Improving asset reliability, managing risk and criticality, and streamlining asset investment planning

The best way to manage all assets throughout their lifecycle is to have a multi-layered approach that covers both the design and the day-to-day operations of your enterprise asset management plan.

In this report, Futurum Research examines how asset intensive companies manage inventory, track, monitor, and maintain critical business assets, while outlining strategic initiatives, plans and analytics across their business processes.

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  • Evolving to an end-to-end asset lifecycle management strategy to improve asset reliability, manage risk and criticality, and streamline asset investment planning
  • The role of emerging technology (AI, automation, and machine learning) for deeper asset insights to make informed business decisions
  • The value of flexible, scalable, and full-featured applications that make critical business assets easier to track and manage for enterprises

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