FI Solutions becomes Strategic Exclusive Distributor of IFS in Italy

This is the joint logo between FI Solutions & IFS concerning their strategic exclusive distributions agreement in Italy

Media Alert – Milan, June 26, 2023

FI Solutions to deliver IFS products and services to the Italian market

IFSthe global cloud enterprise software company, today announced it has selected FI Solutions as the Strategic Exclusive Distributor for the Italian market.

Exclusive Agreement: Mission and Services of FI Solutions

According to the terms of the agreement, FI Solutions will be the exclusive Italian distributor for IFS products acquired for the Italian market. The investment and focus that FI Solutions commits will accelerate IFS’s footprint and maximize its potential for expansion in the Italian market.

FI Solutions, delivers IFS cloud-based software for businesses that are looking to stand out in the service market. It has the mission of develop, accelerate growth, and consistently deliver quality service to customer and partners by focalizing all its efforts by offering a service that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the Italian market and to strengthen the digital transformation for all companies operating in the Italian market.

IFS’s Commitment to Innovation

IFS is committed to developing world-class enterprise software that embeds the latest performance and digital technologies. As well as helping their customers deliver amazing moments of service, IFS also considers the most effective means of bringing their products to market and delivering value to their customers.

IFS is dedicated to a model that prioritizes close collaboration with partners to address customer needs. In Italy, IFS believes that evolving this into an exclusive reseller-led market approach is the most effective way to build business in Italy.

FI Solutions: A Global Partner with a Local Focus

As part of the IFS Group, FI Solutions share several years of global experience with users in industries such as Manufacturing, Energy Utilities and Resources, Service industries, Telecommunications, Construction and Engineering and Defense and Aerospace.

With these foundations in place, FI Solutions decided to launch a unique business based in Milan focused on the Italian market, goal of responding to the demands of asset and service-centric local businesses.

FI Solutions has just opened an office in the heart of Milan, Italy, and together with the team there will leveraging on the knowledge from IFS Global, to provide a 360° service to all local firms in all sectors, with the goal of rapidly expanding our ecosystem.

Statements from the CEO and President

Ergin Öztürk, CEO of FI Solutions commented“We are thrilled to announce that FI Solutions will be the exclusive reseller for IFS products (ERP, FSM, EAM) in Italy. FI Solutions is part of a Group in which IFS holds a shareholding therefore together with IFS; we bring a wealth of expertise and experience that will be invaluable to the Italian Market as we continue to expand our offerings and grow IFS businesses in the region.”

CEO of FI Solutions continues: “With IFS’s support, we are well-positioned to deliver cutting-edge IFS solutions that meet the evolving needs of our prospects and customers and help drive sustainable growth and innovation in the industry. We look forward to working closely with IFS to achieve our shared goals and create long-term value for all our stakeholders.”

Marc Genevois, President Southern, Western Europe and LatAm Region at IFS, commented: “The agreement with FI Solutions will be crucial to our expansion in Italy and we are excited about these opportunities it holds. This will help us to grow our presence in Italy and together with FI Solutions, support Italian companies in delivering amazing Moments of Service for their customers.”

About IFS

IFS develops and delivers Cloud enterprise software for companies around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, build, and maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations. Within our single platform, our industry specific products are innately connected to a single data model and use embedded digital innovation so that our customers can be their best when it really matters to their customers— at the Moment of Service.

The industry expertise of our people and of our growing ecosystem, together with a commitment to deliver value at every single step, has made IFS a recognized leader and the most recommended supplier in our sector.

Our team of 5,500 employees every day live our values of agility, trustworthiness, and collaboration in how we support our thousands of customers. Learn more about how our enterprise software solutions can help your business today at

About FI Solutions

FI Solutions is a trusted IFS Strategic Exclusive Distributor in Italy. The company is specialized in the sale, implementation, distribution, and promotion of IFS products, providing top-notch solutions to businesses in the Region.

FI Solutions mission is to provide its clients with the best possible solutions, tailored to their specific needs and requirements. It prides itself on commitment to excellent customer service and our extensive knowledge of IFS products. It is global software company that develops and implements Enterprise Business Application.

Learn more about the company at www.fisolutions.It

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