IFS Ranks First in Gartner®’s 2022 Global EAM Market Share By Revenue

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We believe, IFS composability, industry focus and capabilities continue to make IFS the clear choice for global companies.  

IFS, the global cloud enterprise software provider, has been raked #1 in the Enterpise Asset Management market based on revenue for the second consecutive years in the Gartner, market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2022.  

The company owes its sustained development and success in EAM to a continued focus on developing extensive capabilities that are linked with deep industry understanding, as well as the purchase of IFS Ultimo in 2022.  

Gartner Market Share Study: IFS’s Recent Performance and Growth 

This report research seeks to give a 2021-2022 overview of all business software revenue and vendor market share. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a product category studied in its own right in the research, and vendors engaged in the field have their market share recorded. In 2022, the global enterprise software market is expected to grow 11.3%.  

The Gartner Market Share study, according to IFS, validates the company’s recent performance in EAM and across the board. This includes the company’s fifth straight year of double-digit growth for the fiscal year 2022. In addition to earning the largest revenue-based EAM market share, IFS is investing in its newly created EAM business unit, which is focused on assisting clients in realizing value quicker.  

Comment by Marne Martin 

Marne Martin, IFS Chief Strategy Officer and President, commented: “In our opinion, we retain this ranking not by accident but through our commitment to provide our customers with a composable solution that supports their business across the asset lifecycle. As many enterprises globally face continued economic challenges, we are confident that our customers are maximizing the profitability of their assets with IFS EAM regardless of their current ERP solution, providing an enterprise-wide view of company asset performance and resilience to inform their business decisions.”  

Features of IFS EAM 

IFS EAM is a composable solution for global organizations that understand the value of connecting processes that have either an upstream or downstream impact on their assets and customers. With a single integrated platform, IFS EAM uniquely combines enterprise class ERP capabilities with leading service management functionality – addressing the needs of complex asset-intensive environments.  

It automates the management of assets to control maintenance and optimize performance within a single solution. The breadth of IFS EAM capabilities is intended to help asset-intensive industries such as Energy and Utilities, Construction & Engineering, Manufacturing, Services, Aerospace & Defense, and Telco for both present and future demands.  

Additional Highlights 

Recognition as a Gartner® Peer Insights™ Customers’ Choice for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software in 2022.  

We support Italian companies in their transition to digital through the integration of
IFS Cloud.

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