WBR Insights conducted a survey in 2023 among 100 of the most prominent executives in the field service sector.

The respondents, who are all Field Service Directors, Directors of Operations, Directors of Integration and beyond, were asked to identify the most pressing issues they are currently facing, as well as the solutions they are implementing. This report seeks to answer key industry debates, as well as questions related to sustainability, technology and the current talent shortage.

A breakdown of the key points for discussion in this report:

  • Sustainability is a top priority for people’s mind heading into 2024, with only 0% of respondents reporting that sustainability is a priority for them in the future.
  • The majority of organizations (75%) strive to enhance the level of equality, diversity & inclusion (EDI) for their employees. Having a wider range of knowledge and experience will ultimately provide more insight into how to best advance sustainability objectives.
  • AI and machine learning are now more sophisticated than ever before; there is widespread agreement that automation will enhance the value of field service.
  • The Talent Crisis: Respondents’ Strategies to Address the Problem with a Focus on Field Service Mobility and Automation Solutions and Knowledge Capture from an Aging Workforce.


Read this report to learn about how service leaders are investing in AI, advancing value-added service, prioritizing sustainability, and growing their organizations through service.

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