5 Reasons to consider IFS Cloud for Energy & Utilities

The energy, utilities, and resources industry is a complex and rapidly evolving industry that requires specialized solutions. The good news is that IFS can help your organization stay ahead of the curve by offering a comprehensive, flexible, and industry-specific solution tailored to your needs.

Here are the five reasons you should be considering IFS Cloud for your organization.

A Comprehensive, Flexible and Industry-Specific Solution

IFS Cloud is an integrated enterprise platform that offers a comprehensive solution to the energy, utilities, and resources industry. With IFS Cloud, everything is integrated into one platform, providing users with a single source of truth.

The platform offers best-of-breed asset management, project management, scheduling, and field service capabilities. As a result, this means better performing assets, balancing of supply and demand, streamlining the supply chain, complying with ever-changing regulations, as well as overall increased customer satisfaction.

In a critical industry like this where reliability and affordability are paramount, IFS Cloud gives energy, utilities, and resource companies a competitive edge to continuously improve their operations.

Improved Workforce Planning and Scheduling

Change is constant, so your scheduling should be also.

IFS Cloud enables users to balance competing priorities, incoming jobs, and traffic, while looking for opportunities to combine jobs and planned maintenance.

This allows for true efficiency and helps meet the challenges faced by energy, utilities, and resource companies. In an industry classified as an essential service, any loss of service is unacceptable, and IFS Cloud can help ensure you keep the lights on…water flowing…as well as your operation safe and profitable and so on.

By ensuring you consistently deliver exceptional service and minimize any downtime, IFS Cloud can help organizations meet their sustainability goals and keep their customers satisfied.

Consistent and Intuitive User Experience

This is critical for two reasons — Firstly, happy users who love to use the system record better quality data, enabling your organization’s leadership to make better strategic decisions.

Secondly, a consistent user interface – regardless of whether your team are requesting annual leave or completing a high-profile work order – reduces your training overhead and increases the speed at which new tools are adopted.

With IFS Cloud you can ensure that your users experience hits these two critical points, allowing you to get projects done quicker and in the most optimal way, which in turn passes these benefits onto your customers.

Optimized Asset Performance and Safety

Whether you are planning or designing your asset, operating or maintaining it, executing a refit or decommissioning, IFS Cloud provides a best-of-breed industry solution to support your entire asset lifecycle.

IFS Cloud combines a flexible, native enterprise asset management (EAM), field service management (FSM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution tailored to the needs of your industry. Significantly.

This mean that you can ensure that you are always in complete control of your operations, whilst optimizing asset performance and safety.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals

The drive to net-zero in coinciding with the need to manage and reduce operational costs, while maintaining the reliability, safety, and operation of existing assets.

As well as this, the need to meet new challengers potentially entering the market, adopting new technologies, and changing consumer demands provides a perfect storm for not meeting your sustainability goals.

IFS not only understands these challenges but actively design our solutions to allow you to meet the complex and demanding nature by enabling you to become more agile and reactive on demand.

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